Proof that a building’s modest materials and usage does not mean a modest design, this golf course bathroom excels at the unexpected. German Architectural firm Berschneider + Berschneider designed a simple box which is covered with bundles of rough logs and refined stainless steel openings. Ok, so it is just a bathroom on a golf course — but you have to admit the view from die toilette is pretty nice. Just as nice is the view from the greens where a bundle sticks become increasingly refined as it is approached.

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We have seen this trick used before with a studio and a cabin, but the roughness of this project’s branches and its refined fenestration and interior make it a real eye popper. The stainless steel seems to float apart from the rough and ready branches. The interior is a clean modern affair with a low-flow toilet, waterless urinal, and a modern floating sink. The interior walls are a dark stained wood, which keeps the space from feeling cold and municipal.

The log rounds are so raw they still host moss and bark — so one has to wonder how long they will stay in that condition. Even if they need to be replaced every few years, the impact would be minimal as the grounds produce more than enough trimmings.

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