Though it probably won’t be advertised on billboards around the English-speaking world any time soon, this kayak’s clever design will speak to paddlers in any language. The Boner Kayak, named for its Swiss inventor Hans Boner, breaks down into three pieces which slot together and can fit in the back seat of a car. While most portable kayaks are made of plastic, the wood and fibreglass construction of the Boner Kayak set it apart, giving it a classic look when it’s skimming across the water.

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When packed together, the boat measures 50 x 25 x 15 inches and comes with a wheel attachment that allows the dismantled kayak to be rolled right to the water’s edge. The paddles also come apart and can be clipped onto the deck of the kayak for easy transport. According to the Boner Boote website, assembly takes about three minutes and can be done without tools.

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The assembled kayak features a high seat with comfortable knee support and adjustable foot rests. It also has locking hatches with 55 litres of storage in the front and 75 litres in the back, making it suitable for overnight trips. The Boner kayak is also relatively inexpensive, selling for $3500 US. Interested buyers will have to travel to Switzerland, however, where they can take the kayak out for test paddle on Lake Zurich or one of several other lakes in the area.

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Images via Boner Boote