Every week on Inhabitat, we feature the best and the brightest in green prefab-ulous designs— so when we saw David Baker‘s stunning, tiny Modularean House, we were excited to see that the joy of prefab architecture can now be appreciated even by the littlest connoisseurs. This miniature bamboo version of an eco-sensitive, modern, prefabricated home provides a way for kids to appreciate why grown-ups fawn over such thoughtfully constructed, highly-functional spaces. And, of course, in true green form, the Modularean Eco Dollhouse is constructed of ecologically-farmed bamboo, and features many of the important elements of green building that you would see in a full-scale house, such as daylighting (with skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows), passive ventilation (raised floor and operable skylights), and eco-friendly landscaping (with drought-resistant plants and gravel basins to manage stormwater runoff).