It seems that Brooklyn is fast becoming the hotbed for reclaimed wood furniture. Inhabitat has long been a fan of designer wood-recyclers like Scrapile and RG Furniture, and we are excited to discover another Brooklyn Furniture designer who uses recycled wood in a thoughtful way. Andrew Moe of Moe Design collects reclaimed lumber from old, demolished buildings and reshapes this old wood into beautiful new pieces of furniture.

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His work is not only environmentally friendly, but carries a patina of history, utilizing bits of wood from 19th Century textiles factories and tobacco barns in Tennessee. By merging antique wood with handcrafted processes and 21st century design, Andrew Moe is able to create pieces that are both timeless and utterly contemporary.

We are particularly fond of the simple Ames coffee table (shown above). All of Andrew Moe’s work is custom made and no two pieces are alike.

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