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The new Campus Center is divided into three main areas. The east wing holds the most public and social areas, including the cafe and lounges. A glass facade overlooks a great lawn, not only making the space bright and vibrant, but also integrating it with the recreational areas outside. Conversely, the west side of the building holds a number of offices in a quieter and more private area.

The central quarter of the building is the most unique. Constructed as a loft-like space, this area is intentionally sparse, consisting of exposed steel and modular elements to adapt and grow with the students’ ever-changing needs. The center space also houses a 550-seat theatre and additional rehearsal rooms for the music and theatre departments. A central skylit atrium brings the entire building together, bathing each section in natural light.

While the innovations of the new Campus Center are modern, the building’s outer appearance aims to meld with the traditional buildings found around campus. Sand cast red brick, oak doors, and a warm palette help the new space fit into the college landscape seamlessly.

With a laundry list of green features including the use of local materials, low-emitting paint, and water and energy use reduction plans, the building’s LEED certification is currently pending.

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