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Developed by Nicholas Cadilhac, a computer scientist and enthusiastic gardener in Montreal, PlantCatching is a website that helps people share unwanted plants, seeds, bulbs and other garden supplies. Cadilhac created the site after he found that a lot of his plants and materials were going to waste—and that many of his neighbors had the same problem. His simple, social site features a map where gardeners can log the location and details of their unwanted plants so that others may come and find them.

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PlantCatching allows users to give away plants, seeds, bulbs, fruit, vegetables and gardening materials such as soil, compost and rocks. There are three ways to donate plants. Public mode allows you to leave your donation plant outside your house, or in an authorized public space, with a label, printed from the website, attached. This means anybody passing by can pick it up and learn about PlantCatching.

Semi-private mode allows the donation plant>/a> to be found using the website’s map but isn’t visible from the street. Someone wishing to claim the plant must follow the instructions on the website. Private mode means that the donation plant shows up on the website’s map and the donor needs to be contacted to arrange pick-up.

Initially Cadilhac’s plant-sharing website was aimed at home gardeners, but now he is looking at broadening the site’s user base.

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