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The design comes from South Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon. The dragon-inspired structure is located in Jeju, an island just south of the Korean mainland, which is largely a vacation destination.

Why a dragon at all? The site is located just a short walk from a famous tourist site called Yongdoam (“dragon’s head”), which is a basalt formation that looks like, you guessed it, a dragon’s head.

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This bizarro black and red construction holds the client’s bed and breakfast, with a cafe occupying part of the ground floor. The design team and client agreed that building up vertically was the way to go in this mundane neighborhood, thus securing a view of the sea and Mt. Halla.

Inside the building, all garish ideas of dragon-ness fall away. What remains is crisp, white linens, sparsely furnished rooms, and a cool sense of serenity. Go Mir is not a luxury getaway space, but rather a place for uninterrupted thought.

The building, which houses the cafe, bed and breakfast, and also a home for the client’s family, was built on a tight budget 600 million KRW, which converts to a little less than $600,000 USD. The architect says the constrictions were a challenge, but it seems they were able to incorporate all three desired functions into one space, and seamlessly so.

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Images via Nam Goong Sun