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Photos © Sergio Pirrone

The spacious Moreava Cabins are perfect for a group of friends or small family, measuring two square foot each with a 0.5 square foot covered patio area. They were prefabricated on the continent, avoiding waste and optimizing the primary building material: timber. They rest on tiny poles creating low-impact on the land and preventing humidity from penetrating to the interiors.

Due to Easter Islands’ subtropical climate, AATA designed a gap between the wood of the huts’ ceilings and the zinc roofs, allowing cool cross-ventilated air to blow freely. Rainwater is collected and stored for re-use in the cabins and solar collectors provide the right temperature for water to use in the kitchen and toilets. The eco-accommodations also get renewable energy from solar panels on the roofs.

+ AATA Arquitectos Asociados

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