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The train station connects the small city of Vigo to more metropolitan areas, linking Madrid to Porto in Portugal. Morphosis’s design echoes the natural mountainous lay of the land, which drops in elevation at the station’s site. Undulating like the native peaked hills, the new station center will have a roof-scape that will double as an elevated public space. Visitors can sit atop the roof and take in views of the surrounding Spanish mountains and seascape. At night, the rooftop plaza is lit, and can be seen and identified from afar.

Beneath the plaza is a public area as well, a soaring four story atrium that is fed natural light from the plaza above. The atrium is the epicenter of the Vialia Vigo, connecting the public space with retail shops, and the transportation hub.

The station will also mesh in well with future plans for the city’s urban landscape. A five kilometer park is planned for the eastern side of the station, and the north will meet with a planned pedestrian bridge.

Upon completion, the Vialia Vigo train station will also host a hotel and retail center. Its curvaceous design will harmonize with the existing landscape, while providing a transportation hub coupled with public space.

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