An emergency room doctor in Denver, Colorado started with the goal of creating a ski getaway. With the location and the focus on outdoor activities, the design team at Somrak Concept + Structure expanded that idea by taking inspiration from the surrounding mountains in the positioning, layout, interior design and material selections for the home. 

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Living room with a table, sofa, fireplace and wall of windows

To create a fluid oneness with the outdoors, the home offers views from nearly every angle of every room. Many of the rooms create a natural frame around Mount Crested Butte on the horizon.

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A stairway leading into a hallway

“Inspiration for this design and all of our designs comes from the beautiful valley in which we live,” said Kate Somrak, co-owner of Somrak Concept + Structure. “Crested Butte is truly a slice of paradise. The mountains that surround the homes we build inspire us to bring the outdoors in through big-picture windows that capture the majestic beauty of the surrounding landscape and large floor-to-ceiling doors that open out to exterior living spaces.”

Bathroom with two sinks

Throughout the home, the team chose peaceful, neutral colors in order to allow the views to demand attention. Organic, natural materials throughout the home creates an atmosphere of serenity in a space intended to offer an escape to the stresses of daily life. The choice of American Clay for the upstairs wall exemplifies the focus on environmentally-friendly materials. Somrak described it as “a natural earth plaster product [that] offers a non-toxic alternative for residential interior wall coverings.” It also naturally absorbs moisture, making it a solid choice for bathrooms. 

A master bedroom with large windows on the left hand side

The selection of natural limestone for the fireplace makes a visual statement inside the home and reflects the connection to the surrounding landscape. Natural quartzite countertops further emphasize a focus on durable, long-lasting materials, which were a central theme throughout the project. 

A space with a rug and a window

“We encourage the use of organic, natural materials that subconsciously invoke a sense of calm,” Somrak said. “It’s important to us to use natural materials whenever possible and build sustainably with high-quality techniques to ensure that what we are building will serve many generations to come. We believe that we are not just builders, we are creating spaces that relax, fulfill and become part of the memories our clients create while spending time together in their homes.”

A bunk bed with a desk

The open and flowing space was passively designed to adopt natural light throughout. Each bedroom is equipped with its own deck for a quick transfer into the outdoors.  

A kitchen island with two lamps hung above it

For areas that needed a bit more illumination in a stylistic fashion, the Somrak team partnered with Sonneman lighting to bring the “mountain modern” vibe. They placed a striking Cantina LED Pendant six-light chandelier over the dining room table and two dynamic Cantina LED Pendant lights over the kitchen island.

“I often use Sonneman lighting in our projects because of its understated elegance and beautiful simplicity that make a bold statement to round out our designs,” said Ben Somrak, president of Somrak Concept + Structure. 

A doorway with a staircase that goes down

“The number one goal is quality and ensuring that what we build will last for generations to come,” said Kate Somrak. “We pride ourselves on building tight, efficient homes that are energy efficient and sustainable for the long-term of home ownership.”

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Images via Somrak Concept + Structure