The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas this week, and once again, gadgets that make use of renewable energy are making headlines around the world. MPowered’s Luci solar lantern is a lightweight, collapsible appliance that acts as a task light, flash light and a diffused lantern. Designed to be a clean energy solution where light is inaccessible or not affordable, Luci’s waterproof form is also perfect for emergency disaster kits or camping adventures.

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Solar energy has the ability to leapfrog developing nations over the centuries-long fossil fuel addiction that now plagues wealthier nations. Until recently, harnessing this renewable energy required sophisticated technology that was both expensive and difficult to repair. Most remote villages and towns lack the skilled workforce needed to install and maintain solar panels, but even a child can be taught to use the Luci solar lantern.

Outfitted with ten white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, the four-ounce Luci needs only six hours of exposure to sunlight or incandescent light to gain a full charge. The lamp can then hold that charge for up to three months — perfect for those emergency power outage situations. When fully deployed, Luci provides 15 square feet of bright light, and includes two brightness levels to conserve battery life.


via Engadget