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In between the metal envelope and the building’s wide interior corridors, a cascading staircase creates something of a sound barrier that shields inhabitants of the Mühlgrund apartment complex from the noisy train station outside. An interior vertical garden of 1,000 was built with 11 seven meter-wide planters that hang from tension cables.

Oak windows bring natural light into each one bedroom apartment and create a view to the hanging garden. Occupants who want more than one room can spread out into the adjacent apartment. On the southern side of the building, which has a much nicer view, every apartment has its own balcony clad with sliding textile solar protection and a rooftop terrace compensates for the lack of green space outside.

A mixed-use facility that has a ground floor commons area complete with kitchen appliances, along with workshop and studio space, nursing services and doctor’s offices, Mühlgrund manages to escapes obscurity with its unique shell and beautiful lime interior.

+ ARTEC Architekten

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