Made from recycled scrap metal and old truck engines, the open-source Multimachine can drill press, lather and mill. It originally started as a project by Pat Delaney as a way to easily create a machine that was cheap to create and accurate enough for metal work. The project, now hosted at its own Yahoo group, can be used in developing countries as a way to create jobs and assist in the fields of agriculture, transportation, education and food preparation. The very making of the machine imparts the skills needed to use it.

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“Right now if a NGO gives a well pump to a village in Africa, what does the village do when it breaks? With a multimachine, or tools like it, they can fix it themselves.”

All the documentation required to build it can be found at the website linked below. Don’t you just love human ingenuity?

+How to build a multimachine +Multimachine Yahoo Group

Via BoingBoing