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To create an abstract design that relates both to Pre-Columbian architecture and the surrounding city, the architects stacked a large monolithic form atop a fragmented plinth. Taking advantage of Guatemala City’s temperate climate, the museum features multiple openings that maximize ventilation and daylighting. One major opening, known as the Cenote, is located at the heart of the museum and consists of a large eight-story tall open void that extends from the landscaped roof down to the underground parking garage.

As a nod to both traditional Maya customs and to sustainable practices, the landscaped roof will collect rainwater via channels for future reuse. The accessible rooftop will also feature gardens, outdoor galleries, viewing terraces, and a restaurant. Within the museum, the exhibition spaces and circulation areas are placed in a rhythmic, checkerboard-like arrangement. Construction is set to begin next year with an expected competition date in 2017.

+ Harry Gugger Studio

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Renderings by Neoscape