MVRDV and ADEPT Architects recently unveiled a beautiful new cultural center for Frederiksberg, Denmark that will take advantage of solar technology and a host of green building strategies. The House of Culture and Movement, seen over at Dezeen, is an architectural experience to will encourage community activity with a community center, exhibition and performance spaces, a playground, a park and a health center.

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The new community center is designed to encourage and promote health, culture, leisure and educational programs and will include three buildings upon completion. First to be built is the House of Culture and Movement, which is comprised of a glass volume of six stacked programmatic elements – a theater, a health zone, food zone, a zen area, a study center and exhibition hall, a fitness and activity center, a wellness center and an area for the administration. Spaces in between each of the elements are designated as “play-zones” and serve to aid in circulation. In addition to the main building, the project also features an “Urban Curtain” and a garden designed in collaboration with SLA landscape architects.

The multi-use public center is intended to encourage community activity and health, and is set in a 4,500 sq meter garden. Climate and energy technologies were a central part of the design, enabling the facility to be highly energy efficient. Solar panels along with natural ventilation and underground thermal storage help the building reduce its energy usage. The center is expected to be completed in 2015 at a cost of 17 million euros.


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