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The massive site totals over 147,000 square feet, including 26,000 square feet of existing buildings. The architects’ solution was to build on top of the existing halls, adding three new levels. The new buildings will house the aforementioned The Danish Rock Museum (the largest building), The Roskilde Festival Folkschool, student housing, the Roskilde Rock Festival Headquarters, and a shared public creative house.

The former Unicon factory is currently a bohemian creative hub used by artists, skaters and musicians. In order to respect the current site the project will add to the existing organization. The new structures mingle with the old, leaving room for future expansion, outdoor plazas, and temporary structures during festivals.

The Unicon halls, now known as Musicon, are open and airy – they retain their industrial character and are connected by mixed-use open spaces. The Danish Rock Museum will be the project’s main focus, offering visitors the rock star experience. Guests can arrive in a limo or walk down the red carpet and enter through the stage, and exit through the bar. In summer, the same visitors can experience the biggest names in music on the nearby stage.



Via Archinect