Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, central business district, MVRDV, Aedas, Shanghai

The facades of the buildings in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport business district are meant to subtly reference the patterns seen in a bamboo forest, according to the architects. “The self-shading shape of the flower building has led to a façade with smaller openings on the upper floors for efficient energy consumption,” MVRDV explains. In addition to the self-shading design features, the office buildings will also include “hidden hatches” next to the windows that will allow for natural ventilation.

The new development will be built around a sunken plaza, which will feature wide stairs that will double as seating areas. The central plaza will be surrounded by office buildings and thus protected from vehicle traffic. A pedestrian route meanders through the development, leading to a shopping center, which is being designed by Aedas. The business district is expected to achieve three stars, which is the highest possible ranking in the Chinese Green Building Label.


+ Aedas