Design firm MVRDV recently won a competition to transform Moscow’s Serp & Molot (Hammer & Sickle) factory into a sprawling mixed use development. The former steel factory will be integrated into a modern campus with new buildings, urban blocks and green courtyards. Preserving elements of the historically important complex, the new project will create a modern green space for the Russian capital.

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Built in 1884, the original Serp & Molot factory was an integral part of Russian history, especially during the Russian revolution. Over the years it became overgrown and fell into disrepair, but with its East Moscow location and historical importance, the city decided to revamp it into a useful urban area.

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MVRDV’s winning plan pays tribute to the historical complex, while also updating the area into a usable and attractive campus for locals to enjoy. The large historical chimneys and pipes will be preserved and integrated into new buildings, while massive halls that made up the steel factory will be broken down into segments that surround green courtyards. These new segments will house public facilities, cafes and retail space.

The original factory transport ring will be converted into an encircling green space that will include playgrounds, sports facilities, and green markets and the train tracks that are elevated above the ring will be made into a skywalk park that will overlook the neighborhood. Adjacent to the ring park are schools and day care facilities. The mixed use facility is designed to respond to a growing population’s needs with housing for 19,000 inhabitants in addition to a hospital and schools. The project is slated for completion in 2021.