MVRDV Architects and the Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) have joined forces to design a brand new eco-community called Bastide Niel on the banks of the Garonne River. Spanning nearly 86 acres of industrial land and overrun parks (that’s about 144 city blocks), the new zero energy city district will contain over 3,000 homes, community buildings, a university building, sports facilities, schools, day cares, and plenty of urban greenery. When the project is complete it will be one of the largest sustainable neighborhoods in the world – definitely the most significant modern plan for the historic city of Bordeaux.

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In order to preserve the iconic look of Bordeaux, much of the industrial area will simply be restored and transformed into multipurpose buildings. Each building will be renovated with as much local material as possible and the project will be powered by a mix of geothermal and solar installations. The tiny winding streets of the city will also remain intact, but they will be rezoned to accommodate electric trams, cars, busses, and pedestrians. And what is a green community without its parks?

Although the area already boasts the massive riversideParc aux Angelique (which was recently renovated by designer Michel Desvignes) the new Bastide Niel development will provide a number of urban parks and community gardens for neighbors and visitors to maintain and enjoy together. Construction on the project is set to begin in 2014.