MVRDV just unveiled a striking new eco office building for Paris, and we’re excited to see that it will be powered by solar panels and incorporate proven green building strategies. The Pushed Slab building, designed in cooperation with local Paris architect North by North West, was conceived as a slab with the middle layers spread open to create an urban window and increase daylighting and ventilation. The energy efficient office building is the first to be designed for the ZAC Gare de Rungis development – the first “ECO-Quarter” in Paris.

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The 19,000 sq m Pushed Slab building will be located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris on a former rail embankment. Designed to accommodate various clients and companies, the building could easily be rented to a single firm and is flexible enough to be split up for multiple firms. The slab building includes an urban window created to preserve a view of a historic building and improve the quality of the urban fabric. Pushing out the urban window creates multi-level terraces and courtyards, which will be planted with trees, flowers and plants for the enjoyment of the employees. A greywater circuit will be installed to provide water for irrigation.

Powered by a 1500 sq m solar system on the roof, the office building is expected to produce 200 MWh of renewable energy each year. Additionally, the building will include many proven green strategies to reduce energy demand to 49 kWh per m2 per year. Insulation will be installed on the outside of the building to reduce thermal bridges. Natural ventilation will reduce cooling needs, and blinds on the south facade will reduce solar gain. The entire structure is wrapped in a skin of certified wood locally sourced from France, which offers optimal light control into the interior spaces.