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2012 World Expo, South Korea, Water Cube Pavilion, Aquarium, MVRDV, green design, sustainable design, eco design, biomimicry, world oceans, global climate, glass, thermal insulation, naturally lit, naturally ventilated, nature

Visitors to the MVRDV pavilion will learn about the oceans by interacting with this user-friendly cube, which – as our friends at Evolo pointed out – looks a lot like an oversized aquarium. After accessing the center of the exhibit, users can navigate the individual basins that can even be illuminated for closer learning. The cube is wrapped in double-layer load-bearing glass walls with integrated structural support that can hold the heavy water basins while also providing excellent insulation.

As usual, there is a sustainable element built into MVRDV’s design. In addition to being naturally ventilated as a result of each basin’s stacking effect, water purification and seawater cooling technology have also been incorporated into this fascinating design. By the time visitors leave the exhibit, they will have a much better understanding of how the world’s oceans impact our global climate and therefore why it is so necessary that we protect them.


Via Evolo