You may have heard of camping next to the water, but a band of guerrilla social engineers in Amsterdam have taken it to the next level – camping the water. Literally. Our first thought? How the heck did they get that trailer onto that teeny tiny island nowhere near dry land? Read on to see the few facts that we do know about this mysterious spectacle.

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Located off the island of Almere Beach in Holland, the floating camper is believed to be the work of a group of a band of students who are reported to be responsible for other floating spaces in the area. Almere seems to be a choice location for unauthorized pop-up dwellings such as this zany illegal hotel made of bags which has supposedly since been shut down by local officials. It is unclear whether or not the trailer has also been removed, but we are happy to see evidence (see pics) of people enjoying it while they could.

With a history of flooding, Holland seems to be a hotspot for a new wave of amphibious spaces. There is also a sentiment of a need for more spontaneous public areas, which is always of interest to us here at Inhabitat. If anyone has any other information about any other DIY buildings or projects popping up there or anywhere, please share it with us!

Via PopUpCity

Photo credit: Kennethverburg and PopUpCity