A mysterious black substance recently fell from the sky in Harrison Township, Michigan – and locals are concerned for their safety. On Sunday, residents of at least six local homes woke to find their cars and homes splattered with the strange material. The substance resembles bird droppings, but no one seems to know what it is or if it’s hazardous.

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There are a few theories floating around town about what could be going on. One early rumor connected the substance to the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard base, but the airbase released a statement saying they were just as baffled as everyone else. It doesn’t seem to be something picked up and deposited by a storm or tornado — skies were clear the day the splatters first appeared. And while it resembles bird droppings, the sheer amount of splatters (along with the strange, oily consistency) makes that unlikely.

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michigan, sky goo, mystery goo, black rain, strange news, weird news

For now, residents will have to wait for answers. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has collected samples from affected homes and taken them back to their lab for analysis — but they say the results may take a week to come in. Hopefully, there ends up being a natural explanation for the strange black rain and it’s nothing toxic or dangerous.

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