This single house is all that’s left of a neighborhood in Zhejiang Province, China that was demolished to make room for new urban development. The house, a dwelling owned by redevelopment resister Luo Baogen and his wife, has been completely encircled by a new street that leads to a railway station near the city of Wenling. Households such as this one that stand up to developers are dubbed “nail houses”, as their owners refuse to be “hammered down”.

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These dramatic images depict a common dispute between officials and homeowners who are offered too little compensation – sometimes less than half their worth – when they are asked to move. According to reports, the government first approached Luo with an offer of $35,000 for the house, which is worth $95,000. The fact the house remains intact and with access to water and electricity is unusual in such disputes – although utilities aren’t expected to continue for much longer.

Via China Underground