Nation-E is an automotive company dedicated to freeing humanity from its grip on oil. Their latest offering is the Angel H1 — a converted H1 Hummer that runs completely on battery power. Now before you get all, “What’s the use of this big car stuff, we should all get ourselves a battery powered Vespa,” read on. Nation-E’s battery powered vehicle is more than just a hunk of clean tech — it’s a disaster relief vehicle, meant to trudge into distressed areas that have lost power to provide energy for hospitals and emergency centers. Fill your Hummer up with electricity from a solar panel and drive to the rescue of people in distress in remote areas. Sounds like a good idea to us.

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These H1’s aren’t meant for driving around the streets of Manhattan — thank goodness, because every time we see one around here we want to give its owner a talking to — they are meant for the toughest of terrain. If there’s one thing a Hummer is good for, it’s climbing over rocks and forging rivers — and when you take out the gas and replace it with clean energy it becomes much less offensive. Nation-E is hoping to partner with countries across the world to replicate their Angel H1 design for those times when disaster strikes.

The Angel H1 has a 60 kW battery under its hood that is capable of driving the vehicle as well as powering outside sources. Their first car was the Angel-E, another disaster relief vehicle equipped with a battery for energizing communities in strife, however it was more of a street-savvy vehicle than the back-country Angel H1.

Via Autoblog Green