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Just like Tippi—the French girl who grew up in Africa—Amelia has shared her childhood with the kinds of animals that most of us will only ever see on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic magazines. “Since I was only three, it seemed sort of normal just to know monkeys and a lot of different animals”, said Amelia on a Kickstarter video, “…until I got older and I realized that wasn’t something that most kids had the opportunity to do.”

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Her mum chose Amelia for the photo series book project so she could travel and spend time with her instead of leaving her at home in the USA. The images are highly stylized in Gothic or magical realist scenes, and styled by Amelia herself, as she’s very into fashion. Amelia & the Animals contains images from their 12-year adventure in the animal kingdom, with images that range from the cute and quirky to hauntingly beautiful.

The book was successfully funded via Kickstarter, with the help of the Aperture Foundation.

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Photos by Robin Schwartz