“Green to the grave” is not just for bumper stickers anymore, thanks to British wool company A.W. Hainsworth and Sons Ltd’s Natural Legacy division. Now the environmentally conscious can be put to final rest in organic and biodegradable woolen coffins – finally! Available in white or ecru, Natural Legacy provides an affordable and green alternative vessel to the afterlife.

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With embalming fluids, wood and metal coffins, and concrete vaults, we become pollutants even after death. This may be morbid to think about, but Natural Legacy provides an environmentally friendly, and comforting solution. Woven to remind relatives of  “Grandma’s sweater,” the coffins are made to be “warm and cozy,” which is of course more for the comfort and ease of mind of surviving relatives than of the deceased.

Reinforced with a recycled fibre board frame, each coffin is guaranteed for strength and weight bearing, and is much lighter and easier for pall bearers to carry than a traditional coffin. Natural Legacy even goes so far as to make organic accessories, such as shrouds, casket interiors – even personal embroidery. Your cats and dogs can also be laid to rest in woolen caskets that look more like suitcases and hat boxes.

The coffins can be cremated, although the process is not considered a green burial.  The Hainsworth company, which has manufactured textiles from everything from the Royal Guards to the soldiers at Waterloo since 1783, began manufacturing the eco coffins in 2008. They are available nation wide, for around $1,500 – much less than traditional coffins.

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Via The Star