We are devoted fans of Naturevsfuture designer Nina Valenti and her stunning eco-fashion creations, so it was a nice surprise to hear recently of her upcoming appearance at Carnegie Hall. Nina has created a custom-made gown from over 6,000 used and misprinted juice drink pouches as part of a commission by Terracycle and their ‘Drink Pouch Brigade’ sponsored waste program. Naturevsfuture’s ‘Recycled Juice Pouch Gown’ is a sustainable style happening that we thought you should know about, be inspired by, and totally applaud for its edgy, performance stealing appeal.

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Naturevsfuture’s one-of-a-kind gown is made from thousands of recycled ‘Honest Kids’ juice pouches. Each pouch was cut into different size squares and mounted on to a silk taffeta lining creating different patterns that cover every inch of the dress. The bodice is cut into dynamic angles that extend into the bottom flowing layers with an extra long tail that sweeps across the floor.

The gown is to be worn by Ms. Soyeon Lee, an accomplished concert pianist, who will don the dress for her eco-themed Carnegie Hall performance, “Re!nvented.” The showcase features musical pieces that have in some way been reused, transcribed, or wholly revisited. It was with that mindset that Soyeon Lee agreed to wear a dress that mirrors these themes.

The idea for the drink pouch medium comes from TerraCycle’s revolutionary collection fundraiser, the Drink Pouch Brigade. TerraCycle, in conjunction with its sponsor Honest Tea, has set up locations across the country to collect used drink pouches in an effort to help divert the four billion non-recyclable pouches that clog America’s landfills each year. Lined up back-to-back, those drink pouches would circle the globe over fifteen times!

Eco-fashion label Naturevsfuture’s name was inspired by designer Nina Valenti’s belief that there is a constant struggle between nature and future, a tension between organic forces and technological ones. Mixing natural and sustainable fibers like organic cotton, hemp, soy and bamboo with recycled fiber fabrics such as POP (recycled soda pop bottles) and INGEO (created from corn) along with synthetic fabrics like polyethylene and spandex, she creates pieces that are attuned to new directions in style and fashion as well as audiences of the future.

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