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Part of the new Water City Development, the Expo Center will be the first to be constructed and hopefully spur on development in the area. The 1,940,000 sq ft exposition center includes 10 flat-floor expo halls, one multi-purpose hall, two lobbies, retail space and a central outdoor plaza. It will serve to host large scale performances and events, and a central lawn will serve as a park and outdoor event space. Characterized by strong angular lines and built from glass and steel, the design is shaped by its interaction and proximity to the water.

As for sustainability, solar passive design is employed to shade interiors from solar heat gain, while natural ventilation with the help of solar stack vents in the main expo hall is utilized to reduce mechanical cooling. Large glass windows are included throughout in order for natural daylight to stream in. All of the exhibition halls are equally sized in order to expedite construction and minimize waste and finally, a PV system will be installed on the roof and a district-wide central heat and power plant is used for heating and cooling using the ocean as a heat sink.

Via Bustler and ArchDaily