Some days the grocery store is more arresting than you might expect. For Twitter user @wadaitweet, the sight of a whole, shrink-wrapped and frozen suckling pig at a supermarket in Japan was Tweet-worthy. Surprisingly, Modern Farmer picked up the story and claimed that such a delicacy hadn’t reached U.S. shores – but Costco has sold whole, frozen suckling pigs, and they are readily available online. “Suckling” can refer to anything ranging from a newborn piglet to one that is a couple of months old and not technically suckling anymore. Reputable butchers can easily order them in, though sometimes you have to wait around 30 days for the piglet to, um, grow.

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For vegans and vegetarians, this is likely an unpleasant sight. However, as the documentary Food, Inc. pointed out, in general bones have been removed from the meat displays in our supermarkets. If meat eaters were faced with the reality of the origins of the disembodied bacon and burgers like this, would it make them more conscious consumers? Is it shocking for a meat eater to be shocked by something like this? Thoughts?

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Via Modern Farmer

Lead photo by @wadaitweet on Twitter; Roasted piglet image via Shutterstock