Nothing says “summer concert festival” quite like the smell of urine, as hundreds of mostly male concert-goers fill up with beer in the hot sun- and then need to release it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dutch design team Aandeboom has come to the rescue, introducing their new “P-TREE” at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival. The portable urinal easily straps to any tree and makes public urination much more sanitary. What a life-saver when you need to go!

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The portable egg-shaped urinal gives the user the “feeling of freedom during peeing,” enabling them to urinate outside without making a mess for everyone else. The receptacleis sturdily strapped to the trunk of a tree at optimal height.  Urine is then collected and drained away through a waste pipe that is attached to a container, making no mess.

The portable and easy johns are a godsend for any place without bathrooms. No more waiting patiently in mile-long Port-O-Potty lines! And it’s more private (because of the walled edges) than just peeing on a tree. Aandeboom reported success at their trial run. Fifty bright orange P-TREEs were placed in spots near the main stage and over 100,000 concert visitors made use of them without missing a single song.

The recycled molded plastic pee receptacle comes in a variety of RAL colors and runs for about 245 Euro.

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