The swanky new CERO One electric cargo bike is designed to ease the adoption of more environmentally-friendly transportation. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are 10 to 20 times more efficient than a car, but many lack the convenience of cargo space. Not CERO One. Kitted with a novel modular cargo rack system, this bike can be reconfigured to suit the needs of any particular person or task.

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CERO One, CERO, electric bike, e-bike, pizza, beer

The CERO One was invented by environmentalist Kiyoshi Iwai, who hopes to make his hometown of Los Angeles a better place to live in part through practical e-bikes. An avid surfer, Iwai was inspired to create a storage system that makes it easy to haul significant cargo, like a surfboard. The modular system has 12 distinct configurations that include three aluminum baskets on the front and rear of the bike and space for a child’s seat in the back. Thanks to its abundant storage space and resilient design, the CERO One can carry up to 300 pounds in cargo.

CERO One, CERO, electric bike, e-bike, surfboard

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CERO has equipped their latest e-bike with a new-generation Shimano 504Wh battery that has a range of 93 miles on a single charge and a top speed of around 20 MPH. Even with the heaviest of loads, the CERO One is capable of traveling 44 miles before requiring a recharge. The CERO One requires five hours for a full recharge, or two and a half hours for approximately 80 percent. The e-bike is available to purchase for $3,399.

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