A fabulous new low-cost 3D printer has been launched and it could make DIY fabrication cheaper and easier than ever before. This cool device is dubbed ‘FABtotum’, and could be the new tool that allows users to print, cut, mill, and scan to their heart’s content. When it comes to 3D printing there are fairly limitless possibilities, and with this low cost model perhaps the line between designer and maker could become even more blurred than it already is.

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According to the brains behind the design, the FABtotum device is meant to push the boundaries of personal fabrication to involve people in the design process as much as possible, and allow them to modify and improve the machine to fit their own needs without needless restrictions.

Now for the technical part: “FABtotum is capable of 3d printing objects with the FFF technique (Fused Filament Fabrication) like most low cost 3D-printers around.” This is according to the device’s Indiegogo campaign, where its creators are hoping to appeal for funds to get production going. “Motion bearings and a new belt driving mechanism allows a smooth and fast print,” the group notes, and says that using light materials such as balsa and foam would be particularly easy.

For more information about the design, check out the Indiegogo page below.

+ FABtotum on Indiegogo

Images courtesy of FABtotum