There’s no question that China is facing a dire pollution problem. We’ve already seen dozens of photos of the nation’s smog-ridden capital, and if that isn’t evidence enough, check out this latest image from Tiananmen Square. A ChinaFotoPress photographer visiting Beijing snapped up this image of a fake sunrise displayed on a large outdoor screen amidst a dense cloud of smog graying out the horizon and even a nearby building.

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Early reports by the Daily Mail said that residents of the Chinese capital were flocking to the fake sun display for light. However, keen-eyed writers at Tech in Asia also spotted the Shandong tourism logo on the bottom right of the screen. The photo is likely just a well-timed composition, but it still highlights the ongoing pollution problem in China.

The smog problem has not gotten any better and the Daily Mail reports the level of recorded PM 2.5 pollution particles reached as high as 671 micrograms that day—this is roughly 26 times the 25 micrograms that’s considered safe by the World Health Organization.

Beyond numbers the city has issued, several severe air warnings have ordered that school children and the elderly stay indoors until the smog fades away. Air monitors have become a regular staple around the city, and hospital admissions for respiratory illness has reportedly jumped by 30%.

To combat the problem, residents have been purchasing gas masks and respirators, while Beijing recently announced a tax on pollution. Others are also making strides to improve the situation with solutions including a giant vacuum cleaner.

Via Daily Mail and Tech in Asia

Images © ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images and Suicup via Wikimedia Commons