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Flip through our gallery and you’ll see past Greenpeace survival pods in action. Used to fight drillers, whalers and other environmental “villains” in often extreme conditions, these compact pods keep both the activists and their food and equipment warm and dry. Sometimes they dangle off the side of ships for weeks at a time as Greenpeace pursues unflinching campaigns to protect our remaining natural resources even in the face of terrible hardship.

The most photographed piece of equipment in the organization’s repertoire, the survival pod acts as a mobile billboard that conveys the crux of their environmental philosophy. Now a new pod is being built and Greenpeace wants both amateur and professional graphic designers to help design the dome-shaped structure’s exterior appearance. An amazing opportunity to have your interpretation of GP’s mission splashed across headlines for the pod’s entire lifetime, the competition is ridiculously easy to enter. Don’t delay – it closes on April 25, 2013.

+ Greenpeace Survival Pod Competition

All images courtesy Greenpeace