New Holland Agriculture’s NH2 tractor is a new zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell vehicle made specifically for farm work. Located at La Bellotta, an energy independent farm in Italy, New Holland claims this is more than just a green farming gimmick. The NH2 is one of the first alternative fuel farm tractors of its kind, and it allegedly doubles the power and torque of a traditional tractor of the same size despite being zero emissions.

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The NH2 was developed from a Gold Medal Innovation award-winning concept at SIMA 2009 and made its official debut last month at the Agritechnica show in Hanover. The NH2 can work for up to 3 hours at a time, depending on the load, with performance that matches or exceeds modern combustion engined tractors. The price? Well, that might be an issue until these can be mass-produced to bring the cost down, but we’re happy to see someone is bringing farming into the 21st century. The NH2 produces only heat and water vapor for emissions, which is going to seem a lot more sensible to the conscious consumer than diesel fumes in the not too distant future.

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