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The new 2020 Master Plan for Wimbledon provides a pathway for improvements and enhancements to the famous tennis grounds. Led by Grimshaw and aided by Rolfe Judd Planning, Atelier Ten, Vectos and Movement Strategies, the new plan calls for a strategic reconfiguration of the grounds and improves the user experience for both visitors and players. ALTEC’s aim was to protect the heritage of the site while improving facilities in a sustainable way that would also enhance the local community.

The new plans for the facility include installing a new retractable roof on Court No.1, adding new plazas, courtyards, a new central facility to support site-wide operations, and an improved and expanded players’ facility. Landscaping is by Grant Associates, who also designed the amazing Gardens By The Bay project in Singapore. The landscaping scheme includes lots of new trees, enhanced landscape walkways and promenades, the use of topiary, green walls and planted pergolas, creative paving, display areas, and themed garden spaces. Keith French, the director of Grant Associates said: “Our aim is to capture the spirit of playing tennis in an English garden whilst building on the tradition, quality, elegance and attention to detail Wimbledon is renowned for.”

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