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The project features sixty shipping container shops that will bring retail appeal to the former shipping industry pier under the unified name “Incubox”. For the first two years of operation (basically until the entire pier makeover is complete), retailers will be able to rent a shipping container store for $3,000 a month, which includes electricity hook ups and open ended fronts. After the rest of the project is finished, the rent will be bumped up to almost twice as much- at $5,500.

The entire project will take up 240,000 square feet of waterfront space, including retail stores that aren’t of the shipping container variety. The developer has said that some stores may be 50,000 feet, and the retail area will join a slew of restaurants, an amphitheater for the Tribeca Film Festival, green space and an observation deck to look out to sea or at New Jersey.

Aside from recycling shipping containers, the new Pier 57 will also repurpose old airplane fuselages, which will become columns, food kiosks and performance spaces that will be spaced around an open air public market.

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