While those of you who read Inhabitat on a regular basis are probably very familiar with the many powers of poo, it’s equally important that we recognize the less discussed, but equally beneficial, attributes of urine. Thanks to Eddie Gandelman and his design “When Nature Calls,” we are one step closer to having the ability to utilize pee on as a part of our urban landscaping plan. No, we are not joking. Number one, urine is packed full of phosphorus, and if separated and distributed as effectively as proposed by Gandelman’s design, it’s possible to both improve the quality of public toilets and supplement fertilizer in a green way.

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With the urinals placed in groups of four, this pod format makes for an efficient use of space and privacy. Already approved by a professor of toxicology, the device’s 3-step process collects, filters and then distributes urine in a clean and systematic way.

The fresh-faced water closet could be an improved approach to how public toilets are designed and incorporated into all types of spaces, particularly public spaces. And who’s to say nay? In the future, getting pissed drunk could actually help to the greenery vital to our environment growing.

Via Treehugger