Ever since we first laid eyes on Todd Laby’s stunning green furniture design back in 2005, we’ve been huge fans. Unlike so much of what passes for ‘sustainable design’ these days, this thoughtful designer manages to make green design about more than simply using bamboo or eco-friendly adhesives in standard designs, but instead rethinks the very nature and construction of the objects we own, and does so in a way that is sleek, chic, and always provocative. In his ‘Modern Slant’ line of plyboo coffee tables, the bottoms and legs of the tables are positioned at acute angles in order to efficiently balance books and magazines, and keep them from falling over like in your typical flat shelf. Now Laby has a brand new end table that utilizes this same clever idea of angular legs to support all of your literature needs.

Debuting at Vivavi’s eco-design lounge at the Armory Art Show in NYC this weekend, this sustainably stylish end table, called End Slant, is the newest member of Todd Laby’s Modern Slant Collection. As with the rest of the Modern Slant Collection (formally known as ‘Rhubarb’), End Slant is made from eco-friendly plyboo (plywood bamboo), and its angled bottom and back provide a functional resting space for your books to be displayed.

If you are in the NYC area and are a fan of art and design, be sure to pop over to the Armory Show to check out Vivavi’s eco-design ARTFORUM lounge, chock full of good green stuff from Todd Laby, Molo, Brave Space and Knu.

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