No one can underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Most of us have heard, yet maybe not followed, the advice to turn off bright lights and screens before going to bed because of the rousing effects light has on our brains. A new Kickstarter campaign by the company Saffron is introducing the Silk system of light bulbs to do the work for us. This system is connected through a series of bulbs which automatically adjust color temperature to the time of day and the Sun’s natural shifts in brightness.

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These designers have taken technology to a whole new level by taking the guesswork out of how to properly wind down for a restful sleep. Our circadian rhythms depend on a gradual decrease in light exposure to allow for melatonin to do its job and knock us out for the night, yet many of us fight this by unnaturally exposing ourselves to computer, TV, or cell phone screens, as well as bright bulbs. Silk is a connected light system, similar to Philip’ Hue system, which has manual dimness and on-off controls for all of the lights in your home.

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Silk is different in that all you need to do is input your current time and location and it will automatically adjust throughout the day with no intervention. If the user wishes, however, the system can be programmed so that one, two, or three flicks of a light switch either dims, creates a burst of blue light, or shuts off. Even better, no hardware modification is required and the ease of customizing your light switches means you do no need to always have your smartphone app handy to make necessary adjustments. The product is projected to cost $99 for three starter bulbs when it launches in January of next year, currently half the cost of its competitor. Is there anything better than innovation with the art of peaceful slumber?

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