San Francisco is about to boost its street sports cred with a long-awaited skatepark. After two years of petitioning and planning, the Department of Public Works is ready to break ground on the $3 million SoMa Skate Plaza. The new project will calm traffic under the busy Central Freeway, all while revitalizing the area and showing appreciation for local skate culture.

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SoMa Skate Plaza is set to be built on the corner of Duboce and Mission, right behind the popular bar Zeitgeist. The structure’s design, which comes from New Line Skateparks, incorporates elements of sought-after skate spots like Channel Street, Justin Herman Plaza, and the nearby Armory.

San Francisco was once known as the mecca for street skateboarding, but over the years many of its favored skate spots have been taken away.  The iconic Hubba Hideout was mostly destroyed at the beginning of this year and tiny sculptures of sea creatures interrupt what were once grind-worthy benches along the Embarcadero.

At the moment, those who respect “No Skating” signs have just two locales in which to demonstrate their brand of creativeathleticism. Potrero Del Sol features a street section, big bowl, and a mini bowl; and Crocker Amazon boasts three big bowls with rails, a mini-manual pad, pyramid, more rails, and smooth curves.

The new park is a welcome addition, and the art included in its design will be a major improvement upon the bleak freewayscene that currently hangs over the neighborhood.  The Department of Public Works is also planning to include a playground, dog park, two basketball courts in the tree-lined park.

San Francisco’s skateboarding community is taking this win as a sign that the city is willing to support its artistic and athletic pursuits. The activists have already scoped an area in the Upper Haight as a potential next site, primed for urban renewal.

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Photos courtesy of The Department of Public Works