The newly completed Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Experience Center West is an architectural masterpiece that answers to the needs of modern working space. Designed and developed by the award-winning developer Ware Malcomb, the center will consolidate 29 locations into three experience centers for Toyota customers.

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A room with a lounging area in the left and a cafeteria to the right

The completion of the outstanding center was made public on October 26 by Ware Malcomb. The center is in prime locations to serve customers from regions in the west, central and east. Toyota Financial Services West is a 56,219 square foot establishment, organized into several workspaces. The establishment sits in a prime neighborhood that supports unique employee workstyles.

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A room with a long rectangle table with chairs on both sides of it and a monitor on the wall

According to the designers, the aim was to create a working environment that corresponds to the needs of modern dynamic employees. With the TFS, Ware Malcomb focused on providing focus zones, including formal and informal meeting points and collaboration spaces. The center also provides spaces for traditional working groups such as closed-door offices and open-plan offices.

A staircase and underneath the staircase is a lounging area with sofas and foot rests

With an employee seating capacity of 300, it was necessary for the designers to feature open and exposed ceilings and workspaces. These enable workers to concentrate and feel the free breath of air even when working on tight schedules.

A person sitting in a square area with a lamp above them reading a book in their hands

Another key aspect of the design that Ware Malcomb thought about is minimizing disruptions for the employees. To ensure that all workers enjoy maximum concentration, the center has acoustic wall treatments and sound-reducing 3form claro clouds.

A person sitting in a chair in an open hallway

Ware Malcomb utilized natural materials to prevent the introduction of foreign matter to the location. To attain the center’s beauty, natural stones, wood and greenery were added into the space. These aspects were instrumental in creating a connection between people and nature.

For the West center, the designer worked with Verde, a sustainability consultant. The end result minimized waste and energy while maximizing efficiency and prioritizing the health of employees and guests. Such high standards have been earned the west center LEED v4 ID+C: CI, Gold Level certification.

Office space with individual dividing cubicles and a wall of windows on the right

“We are honored to partner with Toyota Financial Services as they strategically consolidate their United States footprint,” said Mary Cheval, principal at Ware Malcomb. “The company’s commitment to sustainability and customer service excellence is woven into their DNA and is especially visible in the new experience centers.”

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Photography by Benny Chan, Fotoworks