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Built in 1929 by Warren & Wetmore, the Helmsley Building is owned by Monday Properties and is one of the only buildings in Manhattan that you can drive through. The spectacular new display covering the whole 34-story tower’s facade is crowned by its ornate cupola that comes to life when contrasting with Walter Gropius’ MetLife building. Created to highlight its impressive façade while celebrating a challenging sustainability program, this new nightlife addition boasts the towers’ LEED Gold certification award.

Designed by Al Borden of Philadelphia-based The Lighting Practice with LED lights from Lumenpulse, this low-energy display uses 700 color-changing lights. Each lamp has been installed to shine on details reinterpreting historic forms and proportions. Low-energy, spectacular and dramatic to see, the Helmsley Building’s light display provides New Yorkers with a new nocturnal architectural experience.

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Via Archpaper

Photo © Evan Joseph and Ed Lederman