The TERREX Free Hiker 2 from Adidas has all those cool performance features that buyers want in an athletic shoe, plus all the good looks and styles you might want. But these shoes are made with ocean plastic and they’re standing strong as an example of how even the biggest brands can start changing the world for the better.

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The Free Hiker 2 is part of the adidas TERREX line, which is made for high performance and comfort in all terrain in all weather conditions. Coming as no surprise, this shoe is the latest edition of the original Free Hiker. It also comes in a number of colors.

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The company’s goal is to end plastic waste altogether, which is a pretty lofty ambition. In the world, plastic is being replaced with other more eco-friendly materials in many products. That includes this shoe from adidas.

TERREX sneaker in gray with Adidas stripes

A strong commitment to ending plastic pollution is definitely needed. Unfortunately, plastic pollution has found its way to every single corner of the Earth. In addition, it can be found at the top of Mount Everest and at the bottom of the deepest trenches in the ocean.

Man wearing TERREX crossing over rocks

Plastic isn’t biodegradable. In other words, it doesn’t go away or break down over time. Single-use plastic, the thing that you use up once and then throw away, accounts for 50% of all plastic produced.

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When huge companies like adidas address this problem, it’s good for everyone. The Free Hiker 2 shows that shoes can have all the features but not all the plastic that makes consumer products such a problem. This shoe has a weatherproof membrane, a molded toe cap, a great gripping tread, and a comfortable, performance-enhancing fit that cups and molds to the foot in a sock-like fit. These shoes are made to provide energy return with every step and to handle multiple types of terrain.

Free Hiker 2 shoe being shown as waterproof

In short, they’re everything a good pair of hiking shoes should be. Meanwhile, the upper part of the shoe is made with a special yarn. What’s special about this yarn is that it’s comprised of 50% Parley Ocean Plastic.

People modeling the new Free Hiker 2

Furthermore, Parley for the Oceans is a platform where innovators can find ways to address plastic and ocean pollution.

Designs like this one by adidas show how the world’s biggest companies can help to resolve the world’s biggest problems.

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