Textile and product designer Lori Weitzner makes breaking news with this textural wall-covering made up of 100% up-cycled newspapers. Cleverly titled “Newsworthy“, the design is created by taking strips of recycled newspapers and weaving them together by hand. Once the covering is hung, the walls come to life with subtle yet eye-catching headlines that one can actually still read.

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Weitzner’s Newsworthy textile is made through a technique similar to the one used to make wall-coverings from grass cloth. An interactive quality emerges when replacing grass cloth with the newsprint. To ensure good quality and durability, Newsworthy’s paper strips are woven with nylon thread and finished with a water-based topcoat that protects against yellowing and staining. Newsworthy measures 47 inches wide and runs $125 a yard (to the trade).

All of Lori Weitzner’s 2010 wall-covering collection is focused on a sustainable future. This year’s product line centers around green production principles, and each covering is made of natural fibers such as banana leaves and paper pulp.

+ Lori Weitzner Designs Inc.

Via The New York Times