Born from waste materials, the stylish Nhà Nhím Homestay is giving upcycling a good name with its smart eco-friendly design. Designed by Ho Chi Minh City-based architectural practice A+ Architects, the hotel comprises a series of contemporary structures built of locally sourced materials and positioned for optimal views over the landscape. Completed last year, the project is located in Da Lat, the capital of Lam Dong province in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

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small patio-like area underneath structure with wood furniture and flowers

bottom interior of kitchen and dining area with large floor to ceiling windows and entry

The long and narrow project site for the Nhà Nhím Homestay proved a challenge due to the dimensions and the sloped terrain. Rather than create a single structure stretched across the slender site, the architects split the hotel into a series of buildings strategically staggered and spaced apart to protect against cold winds and to encourage connection between units. The structures were also elevated off the ground for improved views and to create usable open space underneath. The sleeping areas—seven beds in total—are located upstairs while the communal spaces are on the ground floor.

recreational area underneath property with couch and garden

spacious bedroom with large windows and wood floors

interior of hotel with couches and the dining area in the back adjacent large windows near wood cabinets

After the architects sketched out the initial design, they began to study the site surroundings in more detail. After multiple trips out to Da Lat, the firm found inspiration in the region’s abundance of waste material and decided to upcycle those materials to tie the design into its surroundings. Unwanted cutoffs from the local textile factories, for instance, were recycled into different parts in the buildings, while external wood cells were reused in the ceiling modules. Leftover pine branches were transformed into fencing and other old timbers were given new life as furnishings.

small bed with vibrant red sheets is near a large window overseeing the surrounding greenery on the property

cement pathway next to the cabin wraps around the cabin atop of grass

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The architects add: “There were also test concrete blocks being thrown away. No longer garbage. We recreated a new purpose for them, when they were carefully aligned to recreate the iconic talus slope of Da Lat. In the end, this project was a story of giving so-called “garbages” a second chance and an architect’s adventure of creating something meaningful from trash.”

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Images by Quang Tran

interior of a bedroom at night with windows open showing the close proximity to the other dwellings

Interior of living room filled with light and colorful curtains covering the large windows

close look at the recycled wood used for the ceiling modules

recycled concrete blocks used in a wall as a slope