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Marine Light, Nir Meiri, seaweed lamp, seaweed lampshade, Milan Design Week

The Marine Light, which stands 40 cm tall and 33 cm wide, features a unique translucent lampshade that’s made of dried seaweed. To create the lampshade, designer Meiri applied fresh seaweed to the thin metal frame while it was still wet. As the strips of seaweed dry, they shrink and conform to the shape of the lampshade. After the seaweed dries, a preserving material is applied to keep it from falling apart.

Meiri’s Marine Light isn’t the only lamp made from seaweed we’ve featured on Inhabitat; one other notable example is Julia Lohmann’s laser-cut kelp lamp. Many of Meiri’s other designs play on the tension between manufactured objects and nature. “Through the unconventional use of seaweed as a main material for a domestic environment, the product plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial,” explains Meiri in a statement.

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