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Rather than build each school its own gym, the three pooled their resources to build a single Mega-Gym that would provide their students lots of options for play and sport. Inside the Spordtgebouw are four sports halls on the ground floor, and two larger halls on the upper floor that can be divided down into four. The facility also features a climbing gym, bouldering area, cafeteria, storage facilities, changing rooms, as well as other support rooms and offices necessary to run the sports center. By combining every gym together, the overall facility is much smaller than the three individual footprints would have been. The schools also share equipment, support staff and have more variety than they otherwise would have.

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The large box building is located in a rapidly developing area called Leerpark outside of Dordrecht that was master planned by West 8. Eventually buildings will be built up to either side of the gym with only the street facing showing. Daylight enters through the irregular facade to light up the climbing gyms and skylights in the sports halls in the back supplement the lighting. During the weekdays, the Spordtgebouw is for students only, but at night and on the weekend, the center opens up to the public for climbing and other sports. In this way, the facility is always utilized and benefits the entire community.

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