There are a lot of songs about California weather, but songwriters will have to come up with a new tune to mark the disturbing absence of rain in San Francisco this January. For the first time in recorded weather history, the city didn’t receive a single drop of measurable rain in the first month of the new year. San Francisco wasn’t alone; cities all around the Bay area were significantly drier than average last month – which is terrible news for the state’s worst drought on record.

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A January without rain (or snow) might sound like a dream come true, but California farmers are distraught about the drought. And rightly so. Rain in the winter months is what protects the land and crops from soaring temperatures in the summertime. Without the rainfall, the summer months are likely to bring devastating conditions.

San Francisco wasn’t the only west coast city to stay dry through January. According to the National Weather Service, the rain also missed Santa Cruz every day last month. The last time that city had no January rain was in 1893. In an average year, Santa Cruz sees around six inches of rain in January, so this year was a substantial difference.

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In addition to the lack of precipitation, the Bay area has seen warmer than normal temperatures. While the northeast region gets pummeled with snow and ice, San Francisco has been toasty and warm, with temps reaching up into the 70s. Locals got to sport shorts and t-shirts on many days over the last month, causing people to practically forget that it is, in fact, winter time.


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